5 Reasons Why You Should Try Park City Grocery Express

Grocery Delivery Is The Future

You’ve probably heard of the hype around grocery delivery services, either in Park City, or other US cities. They’re starting to gain traction and for good reason. They save time, money, and headaches over what to purchase in the expansive grocery store. Did you know you can narrow your shopping list by vegan, gluten free, or organic options only? How about that you can place an order and get same day delivery right to your home or accommodation? It’s true. Read on to see the top five reasons why everyone should give Park City Grocery Express a try.

Saving Money

Have you ever walked through the grocery store aimlessly, trying to put together meals in your head and remember what ingredients you need to purchase? And as you’re putting away your groceries, it feels like you didn’t buy anything? Or worse, you end up with all the impulse buy junk food that nobody needs in the house. We’ve all been there. With our easy to use online order form, you can take the time to truly prep your list and purchase only the things you want and need. We encourage customers to be as specific as possible so that you get the brands you want at the prices you’re used to.

Great for the Elderly

If you have a family member or neighbor that’s unable to get out and go grocery shopping comfortably, Park City Grocery Express is the perfect option for them. They can be as selective as possible, and we make sure to get every product that they can’t live without. This goes for those who may be ill or injured temporarily too. You never know when you might need an extra helping hand to stock the pantry!

More Free Time for You

A trip to a bustling grocery store can take a lot of time and energy out of you. Having someone like Park City Grocery Express do the heavy lifting for you means more time to focus on what you really want to be doing. We offer specific delivery windows so you won’t have to wait around for us either. Simply send in your order and preference of delivery time, and that’s it!

Delivery to All Hotel Accommodations

Park City visitors usually have a lot of activities lined up during their stay in our town. So why bother wasting any precious vacation time at the grocery store stocking up on food? We deliver to every hotel, condo, and vacation rental location in the area. Many out of towners choose to put their orders in before they arrive, or on the flight out to Park City. We make sure to deliver within our scheduled time slot too, so your vacation is all smooth sailing.

Great for the Environment

We always strive to keep our operations as eco-friendly as possible. When we go out on grocery runs, we use only hybrid vehicles to lower our emissions. We also make sure to do grocery pickups for multiple customers at once, so we’re reducing our fuel and our time on the road. Reusable bags are a mainstay in our business, and our recycle pick-up service means together, we’re saving even more.

Next time you’re getting ready to head out the door to go grocery shopping, consider using Park City Grocery Express instead. We promise all of our customers fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly service because we love helping our clients save time and resources. Give us a call or submit your first order online today!

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