Why Eating Seasonal Foods is Better for You, the Planet and Your Wallet

Strolling through the grocery store, it becomes apparent we are inundated with so many options, that it’s easy to lose sight on shopping seasonal foods.  While it may seem like a luxury to have a plethora of food options available, anytime of the year, eating foods in season offers many benefits.  Simplify the process and let Park City Grocery Express deliver the freshest, and best tasting seasonal foods right to your door.

Benefits of Seasonal Foods

A major draw to local, seasonal foods is they cost less. Farmers are able to harvest an abundance of seasonal crops so they come at a cheaper price to the consumer.  The produce that is harvested locally and brought to your grocer is at peak production.  Therefore, it doesn’t have as far to travel which makes it cost less for the grocery store and those savings are passed on to the customers. The opposite also has the reverse effect on produce and the price. Purchasing out-of-season foods that have been transported many miles to get from commercial farms to your dinner table are not only bad for the planet, but it also means you wind up with bland food that’s low on nutrients. Grocery stores then raise the price to balance out the costs for transportation.

Options for Spring seasonal foods:

  • Asparagus
  • Carrots
  • Avocados
  • Pineapple
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach

Purchasing seasonal foods are not only good for your wallet but a healthy and tasty alternative! The natural cycle of produce is inline with our natural cycle of health. In summertime we need fruits with more hydrating and cooling principals like watermelon and fruit. In the Spring, we can enjoy all the leafy greens we want to help shed excess winter weight. And squash in the Fall help us begin to fuel up for the winter ahead.

Eating seasonally can help us get out of a cooking rut by adding in local veggies we aren’t normally drawn to. The taste of seasonal produce is drastically different than its counterpart. Local produce can be picked at it’s peak of nutrition and taste. When transporting produce over long distances, it must be picked before it’s ripe to hopefully reach its peak by the time it hits the grocer.  Local produce has had the chance to fully ripen before it’s been picked, so they taste as they should – delicious!

Help Save the Planet

Seasonal foods are easier on the environment too. They grow naturally in their local climate without much added human interference; which often translate into using less pesticides.  Additionally, seasonal foods have a shorter travel time the grocery which reduces pollution from transportation vehicles.

So what should we choose in Spring time in Utah? Focus on your leafy greens and asparagus. Try and fit them into every meal! Spinach in your eggs for breakfast, a kale salad for lunch, and asparagus to your dinner. Your body, wallet, and local farmer will thank you.

Seasonal foods are not only a healthy option for you and your family but also for the health of our planet. It seems simple, but when the supply is available we can be spending less, supporting our community, and incorporating superior taste and health into our diets. Simplify the grocery experience even more by having Park City Grocery Express deliver local, seasonal foods to your home.

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