Summer Outdoor Activities In Park City, Utah

Are you planning a trip to Park City, Utah this summer? As we mentioned in our previous post, the city is a veritable haven for vacationers, sports enthusiasts, and film buffs alike. While it is probably most well known for its winter activities come December, when the mountains are coated in fresh powder, there is still an endless list of enjoyable, active things to do when summer rolls around. Here at Park City Grocery Express, our job takes us all around the city, so we’ve learned a thing or two about it. Because of this, we’d like to offer a list of things to do in the summer. In your downtime, make use of our Park City online grocery shopping and delivery service; it will give you more time to enjoy the city! If you’re planning a trip to Park City this summer, here are some outdoor activities that you may be interested in.

Hiking the Uintas

You can’ make a trip to the mountains and not enjoy all the beautiful scenery. The Uinta National Forest (pronounced you-in-tas) is only 30 minutes from the downtown area, and is one of the favorite attractions in both Park City and the Rocky Mountains. Pristine lakes, rolling rivers, and a beautiful panorama of evergreens bring you closer to nature than ever before.

Remember, you are officially in the wilds here, with everything that entails: rock slides, storms, dangerous flora and fauna. It’s generally recommended to rent an appropriate vehicle for camping trips, but proper preparation is always necessary. Make sure you’re stocked with everything you need for survival on a camping trip.

Ride the Alpine Slide

Have you ever been on the top of a mountain, ready to hike down, and thought to yourself “I wish I could just slide”? Well, in Park City, Utah, you can! The Alpine Slide is a gigantic luge like slide that takes you all the way down the face of a mountain. It is actually among the longest slides of this type around the entire world, offering more than 3,000 ft of scenic, winding track. This attraction is open from May 22nd to October 18th, and the price differs both based on the rider’s height and the chosen type of access ticket purchased.

Whitewater Raft the Weber

If you have never been white water rafting, it is definitely something that you need to put on your bucket list. The Weber River offers a beautiful scenic view for the entire duration of your rafting trip, and provides a fun, exciting and challenging rafting experience.

Professional guide services are available, and many will pick you up right from your lodgings. Choose a half day five hour trip, or the more challenging full day trip. When you take advantage of this great experience, you’ll see a bevy of natural formations including waterfalls, red rocks, and limestone formations. It’s a truly wondrous activity that will have you falling asleep the second your head hits the pillow that night.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Have you ever wondered what it would look and feel like to be outside of a plane 12,000 ft above the ground? Well, with Park City Balloon Adventures, that can become a reality! While it’s certainly not the right choice for those with an intense fear of heights, if that doesn’t apply to you then you’re in for an amazing treat when you take advantage of this service. The hot air balloon flight costs around $200 a head, and lasts approximately one hour. Experience something most only see through photographs with this amazing outdoor activity.

Hike the Timpanogos Caves

The story of the Timpanogos Caves goes like this; in 1887, a man named Martin Hansen was tracking a mountain lion when the tracks led him to a cave entrance, where he was overwhelmed by the limestone rock formations and pristine underground pools. Fast track to today, and this section of caves in the American Fork canyon is now a protected monument: the Timpanogos Caves.

It’s about a mile and a half hike to the entrance in what is generally considered a tough trek (In Park City, if people tell you it’s tough, it’s tough). However, the reward is well worth the effort. There are certain services for ferrying people to the caves. It’s recommended you get tickets in advance. Once you’re there, it’s like being transported to a whole new world.

Jordanelle And Strawberry Reservoir Watersports

No summer activities list would be complete without adding water sports at the Jordanelle and Strawberry reservoirs. Whatever your thing, wake boarding, skiing, camping, fishing, canoeing, boating, etc., the Jordanelle and Strawberry reservoirs offer them in spades. Located in convenient locations just outside of Park City proper, they’re an easy to reach stop with a big payoff.


Have we sold you on all the fun Park City has to offer in the summer? If you’re planning a vacation, don’t let groceries get in the way of your fun. At Park City Grocery Express, we offer grocery shopping online and grocery delivery services across Park City. For more information about our services, please give us a call today.

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