Park City Continues to Pave its Eco-friendly Path by Banning Plastic Grocery Bags

Park City Bans Plastic Bags in Grocery Stores

As most of the Park City locals are now aware, those standard thin plastic bags that we’re all accustomed to hauling our groceries in are now banned within the limits of Park City proper.  As an eco-minded grocery delivery service, we are thrilled with this news.  The ban, which officially goes into effect this month, is the first of its kind in Utah.  We join over 200 other nationwide municipalities in the effort, as well as statewide bans in California and Hawaii.  This landmark decision may prove to be the first of many future plastic bag bans in the state of Utah.  And it’s not the first time Park City has led the charge on pressing environmental issues like recycling, pollution, and excessive emissions.

Park City Delivers On Eco-Friendly Promises

As many out of towners see, Park City’s public transit system is something of a rarity. Free public buses that run all over town, day and night, 365 days per year? That’s just one example of how this town advocates for carpooling and curbed emissions. And just this year, the city added six zero emission all-electric buses to their routes. Our mountain town has big dreams to continue establishing Park City as the state’s leading voice in environmental decisions. With the recent uptick in green legislation, the goal of establishing the city as carbon neutral by 2032 seems well within reach.

How Our Grocery Delivery Service Helps Keep Park City Green

Park City has often been lauded for its efforts to go green and protect the environment, but there’s always more to be done.  At Park City Grocery Express, we truly believe that, and are always thinking of new ways to save energy and materials, and support green efforts in the day to day operations of our business.  Our team uses only hybrid vehicles to pick up and deliver groceries for our clients, saving on emissions and fuel.  Even before the plastic bag ban, we’ve always used reusable bags for every grocery run.  We even offer a recycling service pick up program, so your life gets a little easier, and you’re saving precious materials that can be reused in a sustainable way.  When choosing a grocery delivery service in Park City, you can bet we are make every effort to go green and be environmental stewards of this beautiful city.

 We’re proud of our town and those who believe in cleaning up our present to protect our future.  At Park City Grocery Express, we put green practices at the forefront of our operations, and are always looking for innovative ways to  continue preserving our environment.

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