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We all know there are numerous dietary preferences out there these days. Paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, plant-based, those that can’t get enough of that turkey and the rest of us that just want to get along. Planning and preparing for an all inclusive, all-in-one Thanksgiving menu may feel daunting. But it IS possible. And without sacrificing any of your long held holiday favorites.

The Secret Sauce for Your Thanksgiving Menu

We think the key here is sides! Stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, the rolls, your veggies, even grandma’s casserole can be tweaked to accommodate everyone’s needs. Even if, at first, it may seem overwhelming to cater to the different preferences of your guests, remember, it is really all about the company. And as they say: anything for family, right?!

If you are like most families, it’s tradition to have that perfectly cooked turkey occupying the main real estate of any tried and true Thanksgiving meal. And even if you have guests joining who prefer to steer clear of that portion of the feast, there are still many alternatives available. And all will leave them and you feeling satisfied. We are here to help you brainstorm and then procure any of the items that make the cut for your Park City Thanksgiving Menu. As always, leave the grocery shopping to us, the experts.

Sides to Rule Them All

Who doesn’t what to be the queen of the Thanksgiving meal?! What a wonderful, satisfying feeling to fill up the bellies of everyone around your table. And the most efficient means to that end? Making sure the sides are prepared to accommodate those folks that are meat- and gluten-free.

We are sure all those long held family recipes for stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy are packed full of butter, cream and chicken broth. But with the plethora of products on the market now that are either (or both) vegan and gluten-free, substituting the ingredients that do not satisfy some of your guests for options that do has never been easier. Vegan butter that tastes like the real thing. Yummy vegetable broth that is just as savory as its non-veggie counterpart. Thick and rich non-dairy milks that will make those potatoes just as creamy and delicious as if they were packed full of butter and cream. These products are out there and we can make sure they make it into your shopping cart!

Side Dish Options to Get your Creative Juices Flowing

Many, if not all, of the sides that accompany your Thanksgiving turkey can be modified without sacrificing flavor. In addition, we would bet that most of your non-vegan guests won’t even notice the swap outs!

We don’t know about you, but gravy is our jam. If you get the gravy just right everything else will taste amazing! Because who doesn’t put gravy on everything?! There are so many recipes out there for gravy that it is totally unnecessary to include non-vegan ingredients. That way, everyone can enjoy this crucial side dish. Options like vegan mushroom gravy and vegetarian onion gravy are guaranteed crowd pleasers. There are even recipes for traditional brown gravy that have been veganized. Be sure to add more ingredients than you think you need to your shopping list for this recipe as you don’t want to run out of this one. Plus, who doesn’t love leftover gravy? Let’s be honest, no one! 

It just wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving meal without the mashed potatoes. That would just go against all established holiday meal rules! The vegans, the gluten-free crowd and most likely your paleo guests will enjoy this play on the old classic: creamy and melt in your mouth mashed potatoes with cauliflower. Mashed potatoes are good, but mashed potatoes AND cauliflower? Yes, please!

It is also a must to have a savory (or sweet) stuffing option. If you choose gluten-free bread as your base, it can appeal to the larger crowd. And leave out the chicken broth and substitute a veggie-broth to really take this dish to the next level of accommodation! If you want to move in the savory direction try this simple 9-ingredient vegan stuffing, it’s one of our favorites. Or if you have more of a sweet tooth, even when it comes to stuffing, make a round of this gluten-free apple cranberry stuffing.

Most Thanksgiving menus have some sort of roll or bread item included on them. With all the new gluten-free flour options it’s never been easier to make these old classics available to all. Here is a delicious gluten-free garlic dinner roll recipe that is sure to please the whole table. Make sure to make more than you think… the rolls always seem to disappear before you know it!

And of course the vegetable dishes are good for everyone on your list. The paleos, all the vegans, everyone who is gluten-free and the folks that just love to eat it all. Roasted Brussels Sprouts, green beans, grilled asparagus or sautéed kale. All of these sides can be fair game for your guests, no matter their needs. And in the end, you might have a table full of brand new Thanksgiving traditions and recipes that welcome everyone to the table for a meal no one will forget.

Where Park City Grocery Express Comes In

But what about that pesky grocery shopping, you ask?! With so much to think about already, like who is going to eat what and how to cook for whom, let us take the ingredient portion of your to-do list off your hands. Although they are always crucial in making those delicious dishes, you don’t need to be out there roaming the aisles looking for the vegan butter or the freshest of cranberries. It’s your job to cook and entertain. It is our job to make sure you have all the goodies you need to chef up a delectable meal that makes everyone feel at home.

One last thing: if you have a last-minute grocery list started, call us. We are available up until the very last minute. It would make us so happy to help make your Park City Thanksgiving menu the best it can be!

Find our Online Order Form here. And if you are still in need of your Thanksgiving turkey, make sure to take a peek at our last blog post and add those items to your list.

Park City Grocery Express wishes you and your family a happy, healthy, delicious and all-in-one Thanksgiving.

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