Tips For Enjoying The Sundance Film Festival

Are you interested in attending the Sundance Film Festival, but worried because it is your first time and you don’t know where to start? There are a lot of fun activities in Park City even without the festival, so making plans for this big event can feel a tad overwhelming. For film buffs, though, there is no better place in the world. In fact, the festival offers something for new and avid film connoisseurs alike, you just have to know where to look. To help you get a feel for the festival, and make your plans accordingly, here are some tips for enjoying it to its fullest.


The secret to success when planning a trip is… the planning. The more thorough you are in your research now, the more time you’ll have to see what you want at the festival. Check out the Sundance official site, and make a list of the top movies you’d like to see. When picking movies, remember, you’re at the Sundance Film Festival; skip the stuff that goes straight to theaters near you, and make sure to check out the more “under-the-radar” showings. But also know that there’s more to see than just movies, so leave space in your schedule. To help save time, you can always make use of our Park City online grocery shopping service.

Rent Cheap

Unfortunately, rent during big events tends to skyrocket. However, you can avoid this pitfall by taking advantage of a home rental service. This keeps rent costs down, and gives you the opportunity to cook for yourself, further reducing costs. Save time by meal prepping and making use of our Park City grocery delivery service.

Ditch The Car

If you bring along the car, the first thing you’ll learn is it’s probably faster to walk. Parking fees only add to the stress. Instead, opt for the free shuttle that runs between all venues. Otherwise, Uber and Taxi services are always available.

Mingle With The Locals

Park City is home to a community of colorful locals. Be friendly, make friends, and learn about this great city from the people who know it best. You might get the scoop on a great spot or attraction. Remember, they’re happy to be hosting this amazing festival, so be courteous, as it goes a long way to fostering good community relations.

Music And Comedy Performances

While films are its claim to fame, the Park City Sundance Film Festival boasts an array of comedic and musical performances. Many times, you’ll stumble into these events at pop up venues on storefronts along main street.

Work The Door

For many, the fun of the film festival is getting into big events you’re not on the list for. Remember,  you’re not guaranteed to get in anywhere, so it’s best to accept defeat rather than push it. However, with the odd name drop, off hand compliment, and streak of luck, you may find yourself part of an exclusive, celebrity laden event.


Hopefully these tips help you plan and navigate the Sundance Film Festival efficiently. One great way to save time is by using our Park City online grocery shopping and delivery service. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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